The BaseWidget class is the base class of all pyforms applications.


class pyforms_gui.basewidget.BaseWidget(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: PyQt5.QtWidgets.QFrame

The class implements the most basic widget or window.


Generate the module Form


Generate a panel for the module form with all the controls formset format example: [(‘_video’, ‘_arenas’, ‘_run’), {“Player”:[‘_threshold’, “_player”, “=”, “_results”, “_query”], “Background image”:[(‘ ‘, ‘_selectBackground’, ‘_paintBackground’), ‘_image’]}, “_progress”] tuple: will display the controls in the same horizontal line list: will display the controls in the same vertical line dict: will display the controls in a tab widget ‘||’: will split the controls in a horizontal line ‘=’: will split the controls in a vertical line @param formset: Form configuration @type formset: list

close(self) → bool[source]
input_text(msg, title='', default=None)[source]
input_double(msg, title='', default=0, min=-2147483647, max=2147483647, decimals=1)[source]
input_int(msg, title='', default=0, min=-2147483647, max=2147483647)[source]
question(msg, title=None, buttons=['no', 'yes'])[source]
message(msg, title=None, msg_type=None)[source]
success(msg, title=None)[source]
info(msg, title=None)[source]
warning(msg, title=None)[source]
alert(msg, title=None)[source]
critical(msg, title=None)[source]
about(msg, title=None)[source]
aboutQt(msg, title=None)[source]
message_popup(msg, title='', buttons=None, handler=None, msg_type='success')[source]
success_popup(msg, title='', buttons=None, handler=None)[source]
info_popup(msg, title='', buttons=None, handler=None)[source]
warning_popup(msg, title='', buttons=None, handler=None)[source]
alert_popup(msg, title='', buttons=None, handler=None)[source]
property controls

Return all the form controls from the the module

property form_has_loaded
property parent_widget
property form
property title
property formset
property uid
closeEvent(self, QCloseEvent)[source]